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Think of brainstorming as team building with benefits. Facilitated sessions generate ideas, solve problems, and improve collaboration. We lead the session so all voices are heard and no one person dominates.

Grant & Proposal Training

Learn how to write grants and proposals that win awards. Develop a strategy for choosing opportunities and set aside time to respond. Always know how much money you need and apply for 25%.

Content Development

We create content for marketing  materials, newsletters, social media posts, blogs and websites. We write copy, caption merchandise and create brand taglines.

WordPress Web Design

On the web, we work mainly in WordPress sites and are experts with the Divi theme. In addition to the initial build, we maintain the site for a monthly fee..


Two SAGAs LLC manages the final phase of  two separate and unique initiatives,  The Orisha Project and the Scarred Shaman. Our mission is to do compelling work that contributes to the common good. The company is a woman-owned small business operating in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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2nd-ary services

We offer support services for small businesses, NGOs, and non-profits:

  • Brainstorming & Facilitation
  • WordPress Web Design
  • Web Administration & Maintenance
  • Grant & Proposal Training

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