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Our primary function is to help clients get things done.

We create our own projects or contribute to yours – strategic planning, brainstorming sessions, facilitation and grants & proposals.

Invest, Engage, Grow

The Orisha Project is the opportunity to reclaim the history that has been unspoken, lost or rewritten. BasicBlack eLearning academy offers a series of master classes, bundled in topics from Ancient Africa to modern day. Bones of the Mother is an immersive online strategy game of history, heritage, time travel and magicks.

Education + Immersion


-The Scarred Shaman is a digital persona supporting women in recovery. She is an ancient seeker, marred by trauma, tragedy, and addiction. An understanding of God – as called forth in 12-step programs, was a challenge to overcome.  She shares her experience on an alternate spiritual path and practicing the principles 

Old Timer Experience


 Mission to Vision is a strategic initiative to help non-profits and small businesses define the path between their current state and achieving their vision. We collaborate, explore, brainstorm and document the steps to grow and sustain their organization from capital to personnel to partnerships and branding.

Beyond the Day to Day


,From My Desk

My name is Pat Tiffin. This is my company.

I have this little plaque on my desk. For all the women who came up through the ranks and got tagged as too aggressive, too bossy, or too emotional – I hear you. Been there, done that, designed the T-shirt.

My career path has been eclectic – no straight lines. I started as an actor in New York and became an excellent waiter and bartender. I drowned my sorrows so much, I had to make a detour into recovery. Fortunately, it took and I’m grateful for that.

My experience includes developing technical content, writing grants and proposals, creating pitchdecks, crafting policies and SOPs. I’m a strategist for small business and non-profits building actionable plans for growing their organizations.

Our Mission: Provide services that support companies doing compelling work for the greater good.

We look forward to working with you.

“Define success in your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” 

Anne Sweeney


She/Her Projectworks is a woman-owned collaborative formed to do meaningful and impactful work. We are commited to supporting and contributing to the common good of people and planet.

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Taking your organization to the next level was always the plan.  But managing the day to day to day can consume all your time and eventually your energy. Let'd look beyond.

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