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not just for schools


6 workers were killed.

The Chesapeake store was closed for 5 months. Walmart was sued by an employee for $15 million in a wrongful death lawsuit (+ 30 million from the gunman’s estate.) A second lawsuit was filed, also for $50 million.


10 shoppers & employees were killed.

The supermarket was closed for 2 months.. NYS AG sued the gun manufacturer. Families sued social media platforms for sharing content that that fueled the racially motivated attack.

St. Francis Hospital, TULSA, OK

4 people killed, the shooter takes his own life.

A family member of a victim has filed a negligence lawsuit against the hospital for unspecified monetary damages. The impact rippled through the community.


  • Employers lose an average of $1.47M per day in productivity and revenue.
  • Taxpayers, survivors, families, and employers pay an average of $7.79 M daily in health care costs.
  • With the increase in mass shootings companies face increased liability, the expectation is they should be prepared for  an event.


  • Damage to brand reputation results in continued revenue downslide
  • Customers and employees leave
  • Vendors may re-evaluate financial terms and agreements
  • Partner relationships jeopardized by negative publicity, lawsuits and loss of life.


  • MGM Hotel settled a lawsuit after the Las Vegas Shooting for $800M, despite the victims were damaged outside the hotel.
  • Sutherland  Springs Church mass shooting killed 27 people with an additional 22 people  injured.  A federal judge awarded $230 Million on behalf of the victims.

Cybersecurity stans AI

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Vectra is the leader in Security AI-driven hybrid cloud threat detection and response. Vectra’s Attack Signal Intelligence detects and correlates attacker behaviors, blocking out the non-essential noise..

The resulting clarity enables security teams to rapidly prioritize, investigate and respond to the most urgent cyber-attacks and stop them from becoming breaches

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Best Practices for Cyber

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Vectra Advantage:

  • Doesn’t need to unencrypt data while looking for intrusions
  • Provides real-time intelligence
  • Cuts response time by shortening breach lifecycle.
  • System  applies fast response trouble shooting tools
  • Targets alerts on intruder actions based on machine learning
  • Prioritzed alerts reduces noise and focuses efforts on real threats

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