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 is a small, woman-owned business founded by Pat Tiffin in Fayetteville, NC. She was most recently the VP of Operations for Foxhole Consulting, a security consulting firm. She’s worked as a business analyst, project manager, and the leader of proposal operations for a technical division of an international research organization.

Mission:  Do compelling work in pursuit of the common good.

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The Orisha Project is designed to address racial inequities in our history with 2 initiatives: Basic Black eLearning Academy and Bones of the Mother, a strategic RPG game of history, heritage, time travel and magicks.

Basic Black is a subscription model for a series of Master Classes. Bones of the Mother seeks the bones of the matriarchial line of all humanity,  monetized by in-app purchases.

The Scarred Shaman is a digital persona that supports an alternative spiritual path for participants in 12-step programs. The shaman site will be distributed across multiple social media platforms.

It will be monetized with one-to-one consultations, eCommerce merchandising and other subscriptions. (No affliation with any 12-step programs.)

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Two SAGAs LLC manages the final phase of  two separate and unique initiatives,  The Orisha Project and the Scarred Shaman. Our mission is to do compelling work that contributes to the common good. The company is a woman-owned small business operating in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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work in progress

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2nd-ary services

We offer support services for small businesses, NGOs, and non-profits:

  • Brainstorming & Facilitation
  • WordPress Web Design
  • Web Administration & Maintenance
  • Grant & Proposal Training

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