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orisha project logoThe Orisha Project is an effort to explore and experience the untold history of humanity’s origins. It begins in Ancient Africa, where we learn of our ancestors’ gifts to society and explore the continuing contributions of Black people to our culture. Then we immerse ourselves in a role-playing game, seeking the remains of the One True Mother. Players travel through time, on a quest to complete a map to find her bones. Everything starts in Africa.


Basic Black

So much of human history remains untold. and even more, has been distorted beyond recognition.  Basic Black is an eLearning Academy bringing humanity’s history into the light. 

The academy offers a series of self-paced classes offered by teachers who are masters of their craft. Courses are bundled under different topics, starting with our origins in Ancient Africa. The classes cycle through to modern times, chronicling the cultural, academic, artisitic and business contributions of Black people.

The courses can be purchased individually or as a bundle of related materials. Subscription models are available for access to specific lines of study or all courses.

The truth of where we come from is here. It’s no longer unspoken.

Bones of the Mother

The ancients whisper of a matriarchal line of mitochondrial DNA that is present in every human being. Bones of the Mother is quest to prove it true. A role-playing strategy game of heritage and history, time travel, and magicks, gamers travel to historical events, seeking the pieces of a map. They choose between 3 types of players, each with their own set of skills, abilities, and powers. 

Orishas, humans elevated to deities, roam the landscape to help or hinder players’ cause. There are historical battles, dangerous times where death is imminent, tricksters, and villains abound. The game is free to use and is monetized by in-game purchases of spells, tools, and additional powers.

But beware, nothing is as it seems, no matter where you travel in time.

We’re looking for investors. Please contact us for more information.

The Scarred Shaman is a digital persona offering a new interpretation of recovery, designed specifically for women. The Shaman is an ancient seeker, bent by time and tragedy. Her wisdom comes not from the trauma she endured, but the path to move through it. Many newcomers to 12-step recovery are put off by the notion of God. A primary objective of the shaman platform is to help addicts and alcoholics overcome that obstacle by exploring alternative understandings of God. There will be a website, a newsletter,  one-to-one consultations, eBooks, merchandise, and multiple social media platforms.

There is no affiliation with any 12-step recovery program, but content from the programs will be explored and interpreted. This project is in the first phase of development. We are finalizing our business plan and developing content.



Consultations & Blessings

The Scarred Shama website will be available for one-to-one consultations online.  The conversations will be related to staying sober and practicing the principles implied in the 12-step programs. Prayer meetings will be conducted in the faith of the session’s request.

The Shaman will also do remote blessing/ healing sessions to help clients reduce the negative energy in their homes and lives. 

The expectation is that we will set up a livestream account and hold weekly sessions on recovery. The chat will allow for questions and interactions with people interested in recovery.

Becoming broken and beginnint to heal is a road she’s traveled.

Spiritual Swag

The Shaman website is currently being developed. It will include a store for merchandizing.  The site will offer books on building faith, the principles of recovery and other materials related to sobriety. There will be a subscription newsletter responding to topics suggested on social media, along with anonymous Q&A sessions.

We will offer Shaman-branded merchandise, including shirts, totes, and mugs. Jewelry, crystals, candles, and other materials related to cleansing the mind and body will be sold at the shaman store.

Belonging is something many of us have never had.

We’re looking for affiliates, tech platforms and social media support. Contact us for more information.


She/Her Projectworks is a woman-owned collaborative formed to do meaningful and impactful work. We are commited to supporting and contributing to the common good of people and planet.

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