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Threats are circling. We’re watching.

21st Century Leaders

Leadership is a commitment to the future.  Creative, innovative, ethical leaders must emerge to navigate a threat environment like none other before. The leadership cliches of the past must fall away.

The coming decades will be  turbulent – a growing climate crisis, global dissension among super powers, cyber-attacks, and fewer natural resources.  A leader’s skill sets must address the threats:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Situational Awareness
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Creative Thinking
  • Ethical Decision-making

We help clients identify emerging leaders and coach them toward smart, agile, decision-making. We strongly believe ethics and integrity are essential skill sets for running a sustainable business.

School Safety

Ever since Columbine, smart, dedicated professionals have tried to prevent another school shooting.  It’s just not working – since 1999, 392 people died in school shootings.

We need to stop playing defense.  New technologies will change the school security landscape.

  • Pop-up bullet-proof rooms
  • Kevlar curtains that stop aromatic weapon fire
  • AI gun recognition technology and alerting
  • Remote lockdown options
  • Cameras capturing scene change analytics

Few school districts have time or experience to assess new technology. That’s where we can help. We evaluate the options based on school priorities. We provide comparisons, pros and cons, and value for the cost.  We help set up and facilitate demos with school decision-makers.


Strong Teams

An emerging leader creates a vision then turns to his team to make it happen. While the availability of top talent will fluctuate, the competition for the best-in-class always continues.  Retention is the best strategy for a sustainable business.

Cohesive teams are engaged, and given real options to create change. Purpose is their unifier – talented people want to make their mark. For that reason, teams should be incentivized, empowered, and rewarded.

GenZ watched their parents’ lives be consumed by work, only to be discarded. Complaining about their work ethic won’t address the problem. They aren’t going to settle for the same old, same old.

Our Team Building program takes a 360 look at the team/leader dynamic. Surveys, assessments, and facilitated discussions capture the ease and the obstacles of their teamwork.

A final exercise – chosen with the team – be memorable and challenge team members. The goal is to strengthen their unified purpose and also identify individual members who need coaching and support.

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Climate Crisis

Extreme weather has just begun to make an impact.  Storms last longer, temperatures drop lower, droughts are more intense, and wildfires more frequent.

Damages are exorbitant and insurance rates are going through the roof. That spirals into higher costs for residential and commercial properties, whether you own or rent.

Ignoring climate change makes no sense – whatever your politics. There may be differing opinions about the cause, but only the most hardheaded deniers disregard the increase in extreme weather. Coastal erosion is a huge concern.

Climate change isn’t local – it’s global. It’s a growing risk that needs to be mitigated. But we have to balance that by looking at the opportunities – new lines of business, new markets, and new customers. There are non-intrusive and innovative technologies for investment or merger & acquisition.

We help clients look at the pros and cons – where can risks be mitigated or entirely avoided and what opportunities could add value to your business.

Data Security

Data is commercial lifeblood. So many decisions are made based on it, machines learn from it, and artificial intelligence is dependent on it.  Very few people understand the complexity of protecting it – and how easily it can be compromised.

Creating a data culture – a shared understanding of how the organization should manage data – is a structural imperative.  The entire organization must understand how to keep data secured.

Healthcare data is constantly under attack. On the dark web, medical data commands the highest price. Think how often medical records are in transit. How many third-party vendors have access to your platform?  Are staff trained in handling data?

We help client assess the connections to their data – the data security and notification policies from payment vendors and insurance providers. We document the data culture, with supporting policies and procedures, and provide staff training to help keep data secure, but accessible.


Infrastructure Resilience

Even the shortest disruption of internet availability, cell service, or electricity is a major inconvenience.  Every day a company can’t operate is a day the business is losing money.  For smaller businesses, it’s estimated about 27 days will put them out of business entirely.

Resilience requires planning. How does an eCommerce store continue to fill orders? A medical office can’t just stop treating patients. Depending on the type of emergency, they may have to handle a new influx of patients. Is the company prepared to operate from a cell phone?

Too often Emergency Plans get written and filed and never get updated. Contact information has changed, and people with key roles have left the company. Most of what happens in an emergency should be resolved BEFORE an emergency hits.

We help clients plan for maintaining operations during emergencies. We assess the threat environment to look for event probability. Systems can be mirrored offline to allow access to data.

Operating on paper protocols isn’t just for medical data, but any eCommerce operation. How do you contact customers if there is no access to email? We ask the right questions and find the answers to make sure your business makes it through the storm.

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