Mission to Vision

Mission to Vision

Non-profits tend to be understaffed and so do many small businesses, especially when they’re first starting. The vision gets lost in fulfilling the mission.

All the big ideas you needed time to implement end up falling off the radar. The day-to-day operations start to suck up all the energy and there’s little or no time for innovation.

We help you look beyond the now and grow toward the future you always imagined.

Supporting Services

Strategy development

Strategic Plans

We help non-profits and small businesses look beyond the all-consuming day-to-day operations. Too often the needs of now can inhibit growth and limit opportunties. We help them look past the mission and understand the steps needed to execute the vision. The output is strategic plan with actionable steps and insights.


Think of brainstorming as team building with benefits. Looking to streamline operations, launch a new product, or rebrand your website? this is how to gain valuable insights and build support. We’ll lead the session so all voices are heard and no one persons dominates. We clients do one session per quarter.

Grant Writing

We write grants and proposals that win awards. First we align your value statement with the funder’s requirements. We create a requirements’ matrix, so you don’t miss an award point. A compelling executive summary and well structured content is kicker – concise, responsive, informative, and never “salesy.”

Process Maps

Process begins with people. Defining the steps they take is a valuable tool for quality control, training, safety, and security, to name a few.  We work with cross-functional teams to capture product movement thru the supply chain, service delivery from request initiation to customer receipt, or the steps to trigger escalatation of a customer complaint.

Policies & SOPs

Business documentation might seem boring but it’s the backbone of operations and critical to risk management. Regularly updated and well-reviewed policies and clear Standard Operating Procedures help minimize liability in the event of a lawsuit over everything from a cyber breath to an accidental injury.

Content Development

We create content for marketing  materials, email lists and websites. We write copy, suggest design ideas and do digital mockups. On the web, we work mainly on WordPress sites and have expertise with the Divi theme.  We offer a subscription rate for clients who want scheduled updates to their site. 


Two SAGAs LLC manages the next phase of development for two separate initiatives. The company is a woman-owned small business operating in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The Orisha Project and Scarred Shaman, though separate and unique, offer compelling work that contributes to the common good.

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Taking your organization to the next level was always the plan.  But managing the day to day to day can consume all your time and eventually your energy. Let'd look beyond.

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